Keur Khaleyi African Dance Company

"If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing". ~Zimbabwean & Sudanese Proverb

Sponsorship and Support

Keur Khaleyi African Dance Company turns Three

We are currently raising funds for costumes for our children and teen dancers and drummers and other production costs. Keur Khaleyi means house of the children--we prioritize the transfer of our shared African cultural legacy to young people of all backgrounds. Community classes for children, teens and adults focus on conveying the traditional songs, rhythms and movements of the dances.

Your donations keep our company and community programs going and specifically support the construction of traditional beaded tops and dance belts for our teen company members, traditional costumes for our young drummers, payment for musicians and production costs for lighting and sound tech for this performance. We also want to use a part of the funds to provide scholarships for children and teen drum and dance students and expand the number of children from every background who learns about and falls in love with West African Dance, Drumming and Song.

To thank you for your generosity, we have rewards at every level of giving. All contributors who choose will be mentioned in the third annual showcase program. Those contributing over $25 will receive gifts starting with a free class and as your giving increases we offer tickets to the performance, tickets and classes and a copy of the concert DVD. For those who wish to become patrons of Keur Khaleyi (those contributing $1000 or more, whether on this site or through direct contribution), we offer performances at your venue or we will donate a performance to a program that serves young people.

Our success depends on all of us. We love and appreciate large contributions, of course. But we love even more the steady stream of small contributions that may blossom from our friends and family to include people from all around the globe. If each one of 5,000 people give one dollar, we will easily reach our goal. Let's aim to reach a large number of contributors together. Make a commitment to help boost our campaign through social media. Post our link on facebook, twitter, google+ and tumblr. Mention us in your blogs and websites. Email our effort to your contacts. And please come out to take classes, support performances and join in the love. Who knows, maybe we will see YOU on stage next year!